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Grocery Story (drama, indie)

A grocery store manager finds out he has one week to live and uses it to get a girlfriend.


Scriptshadow 250

Quarterfinalist, Table Read My Screenplay

The Fix (sports drama)


The only way for a college point guard to pay for his sister's life-saving treatment is by fixing games.


3rd Place, dramas, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Second Round, Austin Film Festival

High Seas (comedy)


How three slacker friends came to sell a stolen Russian submarine to Colombian drug dealers.


Finalist, Slamdance Film Festival

Second Round, Austin Film Festival

Losing Walter (dark comedy)


Even winning ten million dollars can’t change the destiny of one born loser.


Finalist, Hollywood Screenplay Competition

Finalist, Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition

Finalist, Cinequest Film Festivalon.

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